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Tantrananda School of Tantra

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Shedulle  2013

Australia- +612 80060337
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Tantrananda School of Tantra 

Tantrananda School of Tantra belongs to Kaula Tantra a 7,000 year old tradition of India that is less known in the Western world. We strongly believe that the time to impart to the public this secret tradition has come. This school is primarily an educational project based on the Hindu concept of Tantra. We teach people how to become happy by imparting methods, techniques and ways to attain the state of bliss known as Ananda.

Hari Om Tat Sat !



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Tantrananda School of Tantra

New : Tantra in  Natal RN e Minas Gerais Brazil 

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Tantrananda India (Mumbai) Australia , Brazil, Spain,India  ( Goa , Mumbai , Jodhpur , Bangalore )

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